Blogging from the Boot – Judge #3

Hi, it’s Tina and Cherrye again!  We are have having so much fun collecting entries for the Blogging from the Boot contest.  This week, I (Tina) will be paying a visit to a certain chocolate maker and picking out some sweet little prizes for our winners.

We’re also have a great time getting to know our judges.  You’ve already met Michelle and Georgette, and today I’ll be introducing you to our third judge.

Audra de Falco, aka That Girl in Italy, is a freelance translator, student, and part time English teacher from New York, living and loving in Reggio Emilia. She enjoys trying new foods, travel, dancing and cheesy horror films. You can meet her and all her friends at the bi-weekly Reggio Emilia and Modena English meetup.

I first got to know Audra through Expats In Italy.  She’s one of those sunny spirits who really doesn’t let anything get her down.  She’s also a talented writer.

I enjoy reading what she has to say about food, and it’s always enjoyable to read her posts in which she includes a bit of the Sicilian language.  What really gives me a sense of solidarity with this girl, is our similar experience with Italy’s internet providers.

There are still a few days left to submit entries, so don’t be shy!  Click here to enter!

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