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Big News About ACC’s Bloggers!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2009

Hey guys,

It’s my pleasure to share some great news and congratulations regarding our bloggers!

First, Emily Smith is now engaged to her boyfriend Rodolfo! Hurrrrraaaaaaaaaay :D !

Here’s a picture of the happy couple that Emily posted a short while back:

Emily and Rodolfo

Second, Julia Evans finally got her diploma for the Master’s she earned after 4 hard years of night school!

Third, we’ve added two bloggers last month:

And we’re looking to add another 3 this month! What are we looking for (besides enjoyable writing and good grammar)?

First, we’d ideally love for you to be an expat living in India, or an Indian expat living outside India.
Second, we’re big on pictures and tagging posts. This makes your content more interactive and interesting for our readers :) .
Third, we really appreciate it when you read other ACC bloggers’ posts and comment, and respond to comments on your own posts.
Fourth, we’d like to see bloggers with a history of having comments on their blog posts. Again, we’re trying to make this site a community hub for expats :) .
Fifth, we’d like to see you writing “series” type posts back and forth on our blog and yours. This again helps make this site a hub for expats :) .

If you’re interested, leave a comment below!

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