India Calling Cards

Need some phone cards for India? Make calls to friends and relatives in India from 1.95¢/minute! Or phone the US from India for 1.75¢/minute. These calling rates INCLUDE calls to mobile phones!

Get Pingo’s affordable calling cards for India to talk cheaply, and have a bunch of advantages over other cards:

  • Great audio clarity thanks to superior tech. Even Sprint and AT&T buy from Pingo!
  • No hidden charges: pay the price advertised (from 2.5¢/minute), period
  • Pin-less dialing is easy, no hassle. Don’t spend precious minutes dialing!

Get an Indian calling card and make phone calls to Mumbai, Delhi, Rajasthan and more. All at super cheap prices! Call the States from the land of the Taj Mahal from 1.75¢/minute, or phone the Taj Mahal from 1.95¢/minute! Sign up at Pingo with the coupon code acc10 for a really sweet deal!