Swiss Calling Cards

Need some Switzerland calling cards? Call Switzerland from 2.5¢/minute! Or phone the US from Switzerland for 1.75¢/minute.

Get Pingo’s affordable calling cards for Switzerland to talk cheaply, and have a bunch of advantages over other cards:

  • Clear reliable calls via powerful technology. It’s so good Sprint and AT&T buy from Pingo.
  • Zero hidden charges: pay the rate advertised (from 2.5¢/minute), and nothing more
  • Pin-less dialing to save you time and hassle. Who wants to spend 5 minutes dialing?

Get a Swiss calling card and call Geneva, Zurich and more for a super cheap rate. Or call the States from the land of lederhosen from 1.75¢/minute. Sign up at Pingo with the coupon code acc10 for a really sweet deal!